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Hello, my name is Ronja and I'm living in Germany. I like drawing in many different styles, digital and traditional. At the moment, I'm doing a graficdesign apprenticeship.

You can use all of my art (except the ones I made for somone and stuff from my buy folder) but you have to link the orignal piece of art or this account.

Visit my ask-accounts, too:

Webcam by :iconaskjakemorello:

:thumb244001525:Adventure Time Stamp by Trillo-LilloDoctor Who: Nine's Logo Stamp by chaucolaiDoctor Who 2010 Stamp by lapraskingDancing Doctor Stamp by TwilightProwlerA personal gift. by fricken-pimpMy Doctor - Stamp ::2:: by GolubajaDalek 1 by BlueRavenAngelRun Doctor, Run Stamp by TwilightProwlerLego. by Chaotic-Whispersamerican horror story stamp 3 by blackestrose-13Breaking Bad Periodic Table Theme Stamp by SpectreSinistreI dont support fur trading by RanStampsCat's Eyes Stamp by TwilightProwlerBookworm Stamp by The-Fairywitch'Old' Music by cheesylily02Wizard Of Rock by SammieSparxxSka Stamp by Felix-the-GreatDexter Stamp by LaraenZombie Kenny Stamp by ginacartoonI love Raccoons by WishmasterAlchemistBath Time Perry Stamp by Turtlegirl5Tim Burton Stamp by iZgonazi-hater by digiNinAMARVEL Hulk + Loki Stamp by TwilightProwlerRiff raff Stamp by Rocky-Vermilliondie aerzte stamp 3 by Strange-little-catKevin pats Carl by TealHuskyWacom User :stamp: by Amblygon[HTTYD Stamp] Dragons Logo by CanineHybridStamp - Not Feminine by foxleeDeponia Stamp by YukiHunterGive a Llama, Get a Llama by mushirThe Gravity Fallen Icon by ScittyKittyFavorite Stamp by RavechuSupport South Park OCs - Stamp by lollirotfestFringe Stamp by KristalStittleHoliday Card Project Stamp by HeidiRabbids Go Home Stamp by LoudNoisesRabbid 2D Stamp by ZombiDJ

German Language Level-Expert by animefan046BT EN Language Level stamp3 by Faeth-designFrench 3 by Faeth-design

I'm planing to join them and since a journal is required for some of them I thought I could put them all in here as well.

OPEN ~ Draw my Waterdog Contest!Yush, another contest, this one is separate from my other one as this is specifically for drawing my new Waterdog, Aubrey. She is quiet, shy and skittish.
At the moment, this is my only ref:

1st Prize
An icon, a rare Booshie or Meowl MYO, a folder icon and 300:points:
2nd Prize
A custom common Booshie or Meowl, a pagedoll and 100:points:
3rd Prize
An icon and 50:points:
No usage of bases etc, I want it to be all your own work
Keep it PG - No nudity or gore
Accepting all art, however it MUST be coloured
You can submit multiple entries, but only win with one
Please make a journal and link back here (optional)
MUST be a watcher to enter, new or old
You must say 'Maya-Papaya' in the comments so I know you have read the rules if you are entering because you gotta read it to know what's happening ^^
Contest ends on Feb 10th 2015
Plenty of time for quality art <3
MYO BEARSSERT CONTESTOk, so a lot of people have hinted/ asked about me making an MYO bearssert contest, so i decided to go through with it!
here is the bearssert design/trait guide

and if you need some inspiration, feel free to look at the designs I have made in the past!


- You can make multiple entries (only one can win though)
- for every 5 entries there will be one winner
- you cna make a bearssert using a food i have already done (just make it unique!)
- you can use common traits, uncommon traits, and ONE rare trait
-You must show what their tail looks like
- you must show their eyes and tongue
- you must show their pawpads
- no tracing or copying
-upload your entry to DA and mention me in the description
- You don't have to, but you can also join :iconbearsserts-forever:
Design-a-Character Contest! (lots of prizes!)EDIT: There are now going to be "honorable mention" 4th and 5th places, whose characters I may or may not keep, and who I will either
A. Give a pixel icon of the character they made if I don't keep it, or 
B. Give a pixel icon of one of their existing characters if I keep the design ovo 

So I'm in dire need of a new character, and I've decided that hosting a contest like this could be extremely fun! So, allow me to explain:
    The object of this contest is to design me a new OC, and my three favorite designs will be selected- and the three creators will each receive prizes for first, second, and third place. If you don't win, do not fret! If you don't win, you can, of course, keep the character you designed! ^^" 
   EDIT: No more prize donations at the moment, as I'm extremely stressed out and can't manage to do so many sparkle icons for people right now.
But before I start talking about the prizes, I do have a few important rules:
From the ashes Contest!!!Hi guys I'm making my first contest so here we go
I will be making a date if I have enough people enter Sweating a little... 
I'm making a second comic called From the ashes, I made this story years back but I left it due to losing interest in it but now I recently found inspiration for this comic and I hope you all will enjoy this comic as much as I am making it.:happybounce: 
The story of this universe is set in 3071 in a post apocalyptic world were world war three has ravaged the countries and left many of the cites in turmoil. Since there were so few resources left the governments around the world started to used domesticated animals such as dogs, cats, Horses, Birds and so on as weapons, They used such technology to enhance speed, strength, intelligence and even their life span. There were many of failed experiences but recently
GROUP ICON CONTEST![350 points in prizes and art!]Contest time!
This time Im hosting a contest for a new icon for my Caudaeri group CaudaeriNest
So thats pretty much it, we need an icon for a group. It can be pixels, normal art or anything for it! All it needs to have is the group's name 'Caudaeri Nest'
If you already own a Caudaeri you may use it for the icon. OR you may use our mascot Shade:
If you don't know what a Caudaeri is, click HERE
Want to be a donor for prizes? Note me! there will be a raffle ONLY for donors, winner will get a custom semi-rareCaudaeri
If you'd like to participate, please post a journal with a link to this contest so more people can know, and the prices might go higher!
Comment with your entries!
1st place
Entry will be chosen as icon for the group
200 :points:
Custom Legendary Caudaeri
Full body flat drawing from me
2nd place
Entry and artist will be featured in our group (1 month)
100 :points:
Custom Common Caudaeri
CONTEST!!! (Big Prizes! :D)One of my best friends, :iconpetpatrol1: , is doing a contest, and it's my turn to hold it!!! :D Foxtrot Clapping hands There are big prizes for the winners, and it's open for artists of all kinds, so come and join!!! Omg so cute Omg so cute Omg so cute 
Blue Square Bullet WHAT MUST WE DO TO ENTER? Blue Square Bullet 
There will be TWO parallel contests:
(You can participate in both or just one ^^)
1. Draw my OC contest:
Bullet; Blue Draw :iconpetpatrol1: 's fursona, Eclipse ( Eclipse Being Eclipse ) alone OR with one of her OCs (
DESIGN CONTEST, LOTS OF PRIZES!!!I'm looking for a new fursona, and every time I try to design myself one it fails miserably xD so that's where you guys come in!
features I'm looking for:
-canine (doesn't have to be an actual breed, just make sure it looks cute)
-pale browns/tans, soft colors (no neon or bright unnatural colors. if you really want to add in an unnatural color, please have it be pastel c: )
-no gradients
-no extremely difficult patterns that i'll never be able to re-draw
-no really unnatural patterns (skulls, flowers, hearts, stuff like that)
-:new: make the design interesting! I don't want a character that looks just like everybody else's :)
You can use bases/linearts if you want, I don't care since I'm just looking for a design :b
You can enter as many times as you want, no limits. The more the merrier c:
To enter, all you have to do is make a journal linking back to this one then get started on your entry/entries :la:
-3 free adoptables (you can choose to wait until I come out with new adopt
Redesign my oc! (CONTEST) Win art!ok soo
I'm holding  a contest
is to redesign one of these
tomoko (IF you are doing a request for me please use the current design)
momoko (or piko-chan or momo)
and arisu
My dear i want to enter can i?
Sure!!! just reply to one of my comments of want chara you what  redesign
i can't draw ;^; or i dont want to enter or i don't what to do
I got a  job for you Speard a word :)
How much times could i enter?
1 entry per a chara if you to do them all feel free!
cloudy.. is she masami from-
*rage mode* NO SHE AIN'T YOU *beep beep*!!
I dunno what they like?
it's ok i will comment 
I can i donate prizes?
Sure donate points but please say it's for the contest or i'll take it as a normal donation (and what place 1 2 3)
OC ContestSo I'm going to have a contest, but its going to be a little different.
There are several categories.
Best Re-design:
There are a few characters whom of which I think are long over-due for a redesign.
Please note I will be using these designs for my character and I maintain the right to alter any of them.
They are as follows:
Jane (robes only)
Best Drawing:
These are the characters that I am comfortable with the design.
Willow/William (they come in a pair)
Jane (dress only)
Diedra (she's with Trevor, I forgot to change that)
Cirque de la Vie Character Design ContestEdit 1/23: The contest has been extended to March 14th!
It's been over two years since I held a big contest, so this is long overdue, but now it's finally time to announce it! 
Character Design Contest
As some of you know, I'm working on a free to play visual novel made with adopted characters I've bought/traded for on dA called Cirque de la Vie: Éternelle. Here is the small summary about it:
Cirque de la Vie, the famed "Éternelle" circus. It's longevity and abstractness has only added to it's popularity and fame over the years. Most visitors of this traveling circus don't know how long the circus has been touring, others believe it was started the day they stepped foot there. Whenever the case might be, Cirque de la Vie is a magical circus run by a mysterious ringmaster and his daughter- or is it his daughter? What many of the patrons and some of
OC Design Contest [OPEN] [BIG PRIZE]:WrapPresent:  Rules :WrapPresent: 
1: if your saying your entering, i would appreciate it if you don't back out at the last minute unless you have a serious or unexpected reason
2: you just need to make the design, no bio needed!
3: please note that i believe i choose for the DESIGN. not the quality of the art! all forms of art welcome!
4: New  Deadline is Febuary 4th and later depending on entries
5:New there will be one main winner, but i may ask if i can keep a different design as well if i like it enough uvu
:heartpinkglow: Things i like for a OC :heartpinkglow: 
1: Interesting clothing designs (like maybe a plaid jacket-thingy with a t-shirt with a design in the middle?
~.:CONTEST TIME:.~ ( 10 entries in )EDIT: Deadline has been extended
It seems like a lot of people wanted to enter the contest~ so here we go!
I had a dream not to long ago, and that dream was amazing. I wish to keep that dream alive :3 for it was different then most. I became a werelizard. Yes im sure many of you are familiar with the main beast werewolves. But this dream is significant because I was a reptile instead~
 This contest is for you to draw me as my werelizard self. there will be 3 prizes
1. It must follow this design and colors
2. No anthro crap such as big breasts or extremely feminine looking body. I find it offensive or just really stereotypical. This form doesn't have boobs so I shouldn't see them in your drawings
3. Nothing sexual
4. No bases please, show that you have the effort to try something on your own
5. No pairings with your own characters either. I have a boo and his name is :iconhypraman:
6. NO FETISHES such as vore, focusing on the feet or making the feet
MYO Contest! PayPal, Points, and Art Prizes!Ah we didnt get enough entries so now the contest is being extended to the 1st of February and the second contest is extended to the 25th of February ;v; b
There is also a larger prize now!

There are 2 contests and chances to win free MYOs and points!

flugymalugy has a MYO Drake slot which needs help in designing!
This contest is supported by Kairuko 

Pixelist - FTU Block BulletPrizes for flugymalugy's design contest!Pixelist - FTU Block Bullet
Yellow Square Bullet1stYellow Square Bullet
Contest: Make Me A MonsterAlright guys, enough people said they'd join so I'm hosting a contest!! 
Theme: Monster
Rules: Anyone can enter
          All Types of art are accepted
          Writers: short story's and poetry accepted, but no more then 1000 words please 
          Now then guys, here's what I want you to do, Make me an original monster, you can write a poem about it, you can write a story about it, you can create your monster in a drawing or makeup or even make a doll of it. But, you can't just use a vampire or a werewolf or something like that I want you to make me something fun and creative, something that I haven't seen before. Or if you DO use monster like a vampire have a fun twist on it, make it something odd and unexpected. Scare me! 
Judges: ME!!!! If anyone else wants to judge then your welcome t
Design Contest! OPENThinking I don't have an OC for myself.. SO....
I would like you to design me a character please c: Preferably a design to pair up with JayJay x3 (He is my Bf's oc I made for him.
- Glasses are optional
- Neutral colours with colourful markings like JayJay are what I am looking for! But whatever you want it to be!
- Any species is good! But must look adorable with JayJay xD 
- Favourite colours are warmish colours c: (Peach & purple are amazing... Just saying... Plus baby blue..)
- Once I chose the design I might edit it a bit, so be aware that I might xD
Right now.

5 Chibi's
1 Custom Design
( Sorry they aren't very high ;w; )
CLOSING DATE: 1st February 12:00 UK Time
(Can extend if people need it!)
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